The BlackPlanet Story

The BlackPlanet brand has been a trailblazer since Omar Wasow launched the site in Sept. 2001. For many it became their first online experience and set the standard for “social” engagement for a whole generation. There aren’t many people you can meet that have not heard of the name BlackPlanet. Many people at some point in their lives have had a profile on the site. The brand is synonymous with culturally specific experiences. It has been a platform where many trends have been started and promoted.

What is BPNEXT?

BPNEXT let’s you become a trendsetter, promoter, and tastemaker by finding, promoting, and engaging with all the people, places and things you find on the web. Trends are started everyday on the web. Be a trendsetter by finding things on the web and “NEXT’ing” it before anyone else. Be a promoter by growing your followers & promoting items you have “NEXT’ed” from other user’s pages, and put them in front of our followers. Be a tastemaker by building your followers and having the reputation of picking what is hot, what is new, & what’s NEXT!

What is "NEXT'ing"?

NEXT’ing is the process of promoting people, places, and things on BPNEXT. You can do this in two ways:

  • Submit something from the web [people, places, and things (content) ] by copying and pasting the link. Also by using the NEXT’it bookmarklet in your browser. Or even clicking on the “NEXT’it” buttons you will find on various sites within web.
  • Browsing the content submitted by other users and choosing to “NEXT it” which allows you to promote it to your followers and tell them why you think it’s what’s NEXT.

What can you do with BPNEXT?

By creating your own “NEXT Lists” you can combine content to give it your view on what’s hot.

  • Create your own newspaper

    Find the content you feel people need to see. The places people should go, and the people they should follow.

  • Create your own list

    Top videos by Kanye West or Beyoncé? Best speeches by Al Sharpton? Whatever the content organize it and promote it to the world.

  • Be the guide in your town

    Create lists of places that are hot in the cities you love. From the best lounges in ATL to the best churches in DC. No matter what, you can direct people to things they should not miss at the places of your choice.

  • Promote the People making moves.

    Who is the NEXT Beyonce? The NEXT Barack Obama? Create lists of the people who you feel are changing the game on the web.

Need more inspiration?

Check out the popular page to see what people are reacting to. Or check out some of the lists people are creating below: